Thursday, August 8, 2013

Feeling Blessed... by a dryer!

I don't know if I've mentioned it here: our dryer broke. Just up and decided to stop working one day.  Um, hello? Push button.  No action.  What's up?

My hubby did some checking, and got to the root of the problem.  Did some shopping for parts, talked to some "appliance guys," and ultimately determined it was a no-go.  So, I've been without a dryer for... I guess a couple of months.  Honestly, it hasn't been a huge-big-deal.  We have clothesline strung up in our basement, so I was used to line-drying various items anyways.  The only difference was that in order to give enough drying time for lots of clothes and still get laundry done on a regular schedule, I had to make sure that I did a load about every 24 hours.  Otherwise, things got really backed up!  Oh, the other really unhappy side effect?  Crunchy towels.  Yeah, I know.  I could've invested in fabric softener, but I kept telling myself we'd get over this "bump" in no time, so I didn't bother.  I did dry loads of towels at my parents a few times.  (Ahhh, soft towels!)

My husband was glad to go out and buy a new dryer.  I was unswerving in the mindset that we would NOT spend that kind of money right now.  Not gonna happen.

Will.  Not.  Give.  In.
Do.  Not.  Need.  Soft.  Towels.
(I said this to myself over and over again.)
Don't think I was being a martyr.  I'd just rather spend money a kazillion other places than on a DRYER.

But my hubby was unswerving in his quest to FIND a dryer.  We went to appliance "seconds" shops and saw some really old dryers.  I thought I could probably wait.  I told him I wasn't in a hurry.

He left a Craigslist listing up on my computer screen.  I thought I could probably wait.  I told him I wasn't in a hurry.

Then, he called home while on his lunch-hour the other day.  He was at a consignment shop.  "I've found a dryer.  It's a Whirlpool."  {When my man is on a hunt for something, there is no stopping him.}  Here are the questions I asked.  1. Is it nice?  (YES)   2. Is it just a basic model?  (YES)  3. It doesn't have bells and whistles, right?  (NO!)  All correct answers, by the way.  I am so NOT a bells and whistles kind of gal.  Do not ever bring home a refrigerator with a television in the door -- or even water and ice.  Just more stuff to pay for and watch break in my opinion.  {I'm pretty sure we drove sales people crazy when we were shopping for our refrigerator!}

The price was right.  The time seemed right.
It was a GOD thing.  Yep.  God does dryers, didn't you know?


  1. He sure does...and lots of, houses, rents, clothes, groceries...He is definitely interested in His children. Enjoy that dryer!

  2. Drying on the line is a great idea but one that would probably get old. I love people like you that don't want for everything right now and the best on the market. My kind of girl.

  3. How wonderful that it all worked out. Being without those major appliances is ruff! But those sticker prices. Ouch. I hear ya ;)

  4. Glad you won't have scratch marks on your arms anymore from the towels :) What is the flower in the photo?

  5. Hiya Sal!! I am sorry to have been so neglectful of checking in here! I loved this post. Totally can relate. :) And God is good! Even with broken dryers. LOL
    Take care you!

  6. Dryers are one of the BEST inventions! I'm so glad that your tenacious husband helped track down a replacement. And I agree with you on the bells and whistles! I like appliances that do the basic functions.


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