Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Case of the Blues

Remember when I got this FREE PAINT?  And I finally painted MY ROOSTER?  And my daughter did THIS CRAFTY PROJECT?  Yep.  Same can of free paint.

That's a big batch of the BLUES for FREE!

Recently, I decided to use the paint to refresh my garden chair, as well.  I got this little sweetie at a consignment shop a long, long time ago.  It has served us well inside and outside of our home(s).  When I purchased it, it was dark green.  After several years, however, it had seen better days.  So, last year (or perhaps the year before?) my daughter decided to freshen it up with some spray paint... a can of sunshine yellow to be exact.  It was so cheerful sitting out there in the garden.

And then, not so much anymore.  I decided I had nothing to lose by painting it with my free paint.  Yes, the paint is "flat" -- not a traditional outdoor patio furniture finish.  But, did I mention the paint was FREE??  And no, this isn't the typical brush rather than spray kind of paint project.  Again.  FREE.

So, off I went, full-speed-ahead and flying by the seat of my pants.  Even at full speed, it was a slow process using a brush to paint that seat-grid.  A foam brush was my friend, but still.  S-L-O-W.  But I think it looks kind of cute.  I'm thinking about bringing it inside for the fall and winter.  I'm not sure just where I'll put it.  It could be cute here at my desk with a cheery little seat cushion, don't you think?

Do you ever do F.B.T.S.O.Y.P. kind of projects like this?
Please tell me it's not just me.


  1. Hey, that looks really cute! Since it is flat paint, you want want to spray some sealer on it. Of course, then the project transformation would then no longer be free! LOL...

  2. Uh yes. I think that "fly by the seat of my pants" is my middle name. Ha! (It looks fantastic by the way!)

  3. It is cute. Is it comfortable?

  4. I think it would look real cute inside this winter,
    especially with a cushion!


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