Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Maize Valley

In making my list of twenty the other day, I didn't even stop to consider visiting pumpkin farms -- or just farms in general during the fall months.  But, that is undoubtedly one of my favorite things to do.  The last few weekends, we've gone to farms, each one different from the next.  Some really let you see the farming side of things... other's not so much.  Each one is a new adventure.

Here are some pictures from Maize Valley in Hartville, Ohio.  We spotted this school bus as we neared the farm. Every bale of hay  (and there were many) had a different face on it!

Aren't these flowers pretty?  I spotted them in large pots outside the store at the farm, and had to snap a photo!

Check out this amazing display.  The sunflower heads are h-u-g-e -- as is that pumpkin in the center.

Line 'em up!  There were rows and rows of pumpkins ready for sale -- all with the prices written at the top.

Our daughter stopped for a moment of fun... love this!

Look at all of the shapes, sizes, and colors.  Each one is unique and individual - just like you and me.  Aren't they amazing?  Many of the pumpkins in this particular photo are rather large, which may be hard to tell from the photo.  Notice that that pumpkin in the front and center is marked $50.  It was bi-i-ig!!

Apparently, it was a good year for pumpkins around here - regardless of the drought.  HERE'S an interesting article that I spotted on the bulletin board at Maize Valley.


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