Saturday, October 1, 2011

Flowers on Saturday

Beautiful Hydrangeas
{One of my favorites!} 

Oct. 8th UPDATE:
Thanks to Ewa for naming me
one of the
favourite photos of the week
for last week.


  1. Hydrangea are one of my favorite, such a soft lavender, lovely.

  2. Sally, your photo is beautiful:)

  3. Hi Sally,

    Visiting you via Frühherbst for the first time. I think hers is a hydrangea. Isn't it funny that hydrangea brought us together? I used to live in houses that had a long hedge of light blue ones. Had many stories too. I just moved house, and the hedge is New Zealand jasmine.

  4. Ah yes, you can always get me in with hydrangeas - and I love the clarity and perspective of your capture. I learnt the other day that apparently they grow different colours depending on the soil/climate (can't remember which) for eg if I replanted your hydrangea in my garden it might turn pink. Have also been meaning to say that I really like your blog header - did you design it?

  5. What a pretty hydrangea, I love that color. They are one of my favorites too but mine produced very few blooms this year.

  6. Hydrangeas are delightful plants with surprising colours in their flowers.


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