Thursday, October 16, 2014

Upcycling a B&BW Candle Lid

Okay, bear with me here... you're either going to think I'm brilliant, or that this is the stupidest thing you've ever seen.  Either way, it might be the simplest thing you've ever seen!

You know those pretty candle-lids you see on the B&BW 3-wick candles?  Oh... I know, some of them just have the store name on them.  But then, there are others... like these...

... and I got to thinking that surely there must be SOMEthing that can be done with these.  Sure, they can be used to cover the candle when not in use.  They can also be used as coasters underneath the warm candle -- or drink coasters, if you'd prefer.

But how about... wall art?  I'm tellin' ya, people.  This could very well be the simplest thing I've done all day... or all week, even.

1. Insert push pin at approximate level for hanging.
2. Hang lid.
3. Stand back and be amazed.

Or don't even do step three, thereby shortening the entire process!  *wink

but if you have the time...

3. Stand back and be amazed.


  1. i have heard folks talk about them all the time that they are way fancy. is that something that just started happening there at B&BW? i wonder? i have not bought a candle from them in years. i had a friend give me a Chicago candle it was ok smelling but very strong after a while of burning it. ha. ha!! felt like i could smell it even in my hair .... that's strong. ( :

    1. Hi Beth! The lids used to be rather plain w/ the store name -- but I've noticed these designs on the last few I purchased. I love their candles. Right now, I am burning the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin -- and we love it so much that I went back & purchased more (on sale & w/coupon!) to see me through the holidays. Sometimes they seem strong if we let them burn too long -- but usually we just let them burn for a little while & the fragrance lingers in a nice way. I've never noticed the fragrance on my clothes or in my hair!

      Another nice thing is that they have some of the fragrances in WHITE wax (incl. the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin), so that if you want to use it year-round, you don't necessarily have to have an ORANGE candle out! Nice option, right? I thought so.

      Have a great day & thanks for stopping by!


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