Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Gallery Wall (I did it MY way) ~ and a discount link!

I really fly by the seat of my pants on so many levels in life, and this project was no exception.

For a long time, I've been thinking about doing a gallery wall, and finally I felt that I had procrastinated long enough.  For about a month or longer [okay, longer], I have had a pile of goodies collected for a gallery wall in our kitchen.  Recently, our daughter has been big into painting canvases, and between that and a few other goodies that I've collected, I knew that a gallery wall was the way to go.  We have a long wall behind our kitchen table that was screaming for some attention, but...

Here's the thing: the reason I've been procrastinating is because of all of those wonderful and helpful "how-to" posts about creating a gallery wall.  You know?  The ones with rulers and protractors and snapped chalk lines? -- well, okay -- maybe not protractors and chalk lines.  But who was I kidding, people?  I didn't even bring a ruler to this party!  I am just not that girl.  I finally came to the conclusion that I just had to GO FOR IT, and do it MY way.

So the other day at 3:37PM in the middle of nothing in particular and everything in general [and when I should've been thinking about what I would serve for dinner], I felt inspired enough to lay all of the items down on the living-room floor, and come up with a lay-out plan.  I took a picture, knowing that I would never get it right otherwise.  And then, I took my camera to the kitchen table, and using it as a guide, I pushed pins and hung pictures.  I was finished by about 4:03PM.

And guess what?  It wasn't perfect.

And another thing?  There are lots of holes behind these pictures that you cannot see.  [Get it?  You CANNOT see them.]

So, here's my technique: push those pins until the picture hangs right.  [Go ahead.  Take a minute to "pin" that lengthy tutorial (as in: on Pinterest)- LOL.]  Say what you want -- but I couldn't help but think that MYQUILLYN would be proud of my gallery wall.  I know SASHA liked it -- because she told me so (and that's her SWEET PUMPKIN PRINT by the way!)

The SPATTER-ART and the city-scape are courtesy of my daughter, as is THE POEM.

Recognize the blue daisies?  You may have seen them HERE.

The other items were here-and-there purchases.

Anyway... bottom line?  I did it MY way (please sing while you read that, as it was meant to be SUNG, and not said with nasty emphasis.) *wink

Here's the lesson I learned.  Don't procrastinate about doing something that you really want to do because you can't imagine getting it done with the instructions/suggestions you received from others.  Just go for it.  Get it done.  Do it YOUR way.

Because, guess what?  I don't have a pile of pictures sitting on my living-room floor any more.  And... my kitchen wall is no longer empty!  Also?  I love what is now filling that wall.

I'd call that SUCCESS!!

Now... I just have to get that standing-on-the-bed picture-hanging project done in our bedroom.  Stay tuned!

By the way, if you'd like to get a canvas of your favorite photograph [like I did with my blue daisy], CLICK HERE to get $25 off your purchase!!!


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