Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Crafty Day

A few weeks ago, my girl and I went to the craft store to stock up on a few things that she needed to make her friend a birthday gift.  A monogram made out of crayon pieces on a canvas.  That was her idea.  We came home with everything she needed -- plus an extra canvas, since they came in a 2-pack.

After her initial project was completed, she decided to use my FREE PAINT with the second canvas.  She stretched masking tape across the canvas in various directions and in no particular design.  Then, she gave the canvas a coat of paint.

After waiting for the paint to dry, she carefully pulled the masking tape away, and ended up with this great design -- reminiscent of the letter "K."

Coincidentally, our last name begins with a K.  The canvas ended up in a place of honor above the entertainment center.  I love looking at it.  I love that there's another "K" off in the distance.

Oh, and that mini-canvas?  That was something my girl had been holding on to... waiting for the right project. Since she liked how the larger canvas turned out, she decided to go through the process again - in miniature form.  Cute, right?


  1. So creative, beautiful job! Daughter must get this creativity from Mom.!~smile~ I think it is wonderful that you both create together! making lasting memories.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cute! Speaking of which...must go check out the button house!

  3. Very talented young daughter, Sally. I want to see the crayon one! lol xo

  4. Adorable AND creative! Love it!!!


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