Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way... to Making Scones!

I've mentioned that I'm not a blueberry fan -- and when I wrote it, I meant it.
My idea of delicious blueberries were the little blueberry nuggets in Jiffy Blueberry Muffins.
NOT the real thing.  There's just something about the texture of the skin that gets to me.

And then...

I was making Blueberry Lemon Oat Scones, and I popped a frozen blueberry into my mouth.

Guess what?  In frozen form, I can get past the texture of the skin, and enjoy the sweet deliciousness.

So, it's official!

I love frozen blueberries!  They are the perfect summertime snack food.


  1. I adore blueberries, fresh, frozen, even canned! Dried have too much sugar for me. They are so healthy, all the blueness in the skin! Glad you found a type you can eat. Bring them on, it is summer! xo

  2. Beautiful photos! We have wild blackberries growing on our property and we have been freezing them and then adding them to Jello. I like them frozen better than fresh!

    I've signed up to follow your blog. Hope you'll get a chance to visit Blackberry Lane soon. Mildred

  3. I love them anyway I can take them! And the dried ones are delicious sprinkled in cereals and oatmeal!


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