Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving on Sunday ~ The Best Thing We Ever Did

We found out early last week that our son would have to work on Thanksgiving Day.  Two jobs, spanning the day from 7AM to 10PM.  Boo.  The retail world is not my favorite thing right now.

But, I learned a long time ago [from my mom] to make the best of things.  You know -- the "when life gives you lemons" principle?  Besides, Thanksgiving is more of a state of mind that a specific DAY.

So, when my frustrated son texted me to give me the Thanksgiving news, I shot back, "I'm sorry. Maybe we can do a turkey just for us on another day.  Keep your chin up. xo"

I didn't know what day that might be, but I was determined to fulfill what I had meant as a promise.

When he came home on Saturday evening and said that he didn't have to work at all on Sunday, my brain starting weighing the options.  By Sunday after church, it hit me that TODAY WAS THE DAY.  Because of the combination of my hubby's and my son's work schedules, the only time we could all do this together was... SUNDAY.

We talked about it on the ride home from church, and after verifying all of our son's favs, we stopped at the grocery store, and stocked up for our evening meal.  After a quick lunch of leftovers, I got started.  I was on a mission, so everyone sort of left me alone.

I decided that I could make this feel like "flying by the seat of our pants," or I could make it feel like Thanksgiving.  I chose the latter.  At our house, that means a tablecloth and runner, good china, good silverware, the beautiful crystal glasses that we got as a wedding gift, and of course -- most of the standard Thanksgiving fare.

And, I am happy to say that I pulled it off.  It wasn't much by some people's standards, but... I was only looking to put a smile on my son's face.  It was a great meal, and we enjoyed it SO MUCH that we had to save the pie to put in lunches the next day!!

Thanksgiving Day will still come along tomorrow, and we won't be together -- but I've got a couple tricks up my sleeve.  I hope that the memories of our Thanksgiving on Sunday will come to mind throughout my son's workday.

I just baked our family-favorite coffee cake for breakfast.  Our son usually eats on-the-run in the morning, and this will be a special treat for him, as will the Cinnamon Applesauce salad -- a Thanksgiving tradition that I can put in his lunch tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.  I hope you will make the best of whatever circumstances life throws at you tomorrow.

Make lemonade!

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  1. Good for you, Sally! You made a wonderful memory with your family! Happy Thanksgiving!


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