Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lunch with a Friend

Lunch with a friend... isn't what it used to be.

When my kids were really young, we used to meet regularly with another friend and her two children for lunch.  We never went out... but took turns coming to one another's homes, so that the kids didn't have to sit still while we talked, but had a chance to play.

Then the kids got older, and hers went to school.  My [homeschooled] kids spent each Thursday with my parents -- "Grandma & Grandpa Day," we called it.  That was my day to run errands and make plans.  That meant getting out of the house, and meeting my friend at a restaurant for lunch.  At that point in our lives it always felt like a big splurge.

These days, it's harder to catch up with friends at the lunch hour.  Most of them are working 40 hour weeks, or at least a part-time job that keeps them on the go. The stay-at-home-mom of my era is a dying breed [so to speak].  This isn't a pity party, mind you.  It's only an observation of how things have changed.

But, the other day, I had the rare treat of inviting a friend over for lunch -- a mom who has taken a hiatus from her job for the time being, or permanently, or whatever she and the Lord decide.

I was reminded just how important that time to connect with other women is.  Time for JUST GIRLS.  Girl talk.  We laughed.  We teared up at love for our family.  We spent time getting to know one another.  What a blessing!

If you are at home, wishing you could "connect" with other women, take the first step.

Invite a friend to lunch today!


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