Saturday, April 20, 2013

What's Up? 4.20

Here we grow again.  More of what's up at our house!  The last few days have been so warm, with a little rain here and there.  It's amazing to see what's happening out in the yard.  Come take the second half of the tour with me!  {You can see the first half of the tour HERE.}

We'll start with the Muscari.  Every now and then, I buy spring bulbs in a pot at the grocery store.  I always make sure to plant them out in the yard after I've enjoyed them in the house.  Such is the case with these Muscari.  They've rebloomed year after year, and I've gotten my money's worth out of those little grocery-store finds!

This one is flirting a little with the Sweet Woodruff.  I love this stuff for ground cover!!!  We have it all over the yard.  I wish it grew faster to fill in some spots!

The Apple Tree -- fuzzy and sweet.

Oh Daffodils!  I am so glad that you have weathered the storms and hung in there.  There's nothing sadder than a soggy wilted Daffodil!

Beautiful Hyacinths -- another sentimental favorite, and oh the fragrance!

And the Forsythia is in full bloom!

The Mint is filling in the cracks of the pathway nicely.

One more sentimental favorite: Oriental Poppy.  I look forward to those big orange floppy flowers each year!


I hope you'll have a fabulous weekend.  Be sure to look for "what's up" in your yard or in your neighborhood.  It's so much fun to enjoy the process -- not just the end result!

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  1. Does your mint take over? How do you keep it from spreading like mad?? Mint scares me just a little. LOL But so pretty and yummy and smells so good!
    also, LOVE those orange poppies too. I always want to plant some in my cutting garden. Maybe this year I will!


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