Saturday, June 18, 2011

Polka Dots and Plaid

A special moment on the last night...
I'm excited.  Our sweet girl returns from her week-long junior-high ministry trip to North Carolina today.  For those of you who have prayed... thank you.

My daughter is one of my life cheerleaders.  She reads me well, and often knows and understands what I am feeling long before anyone else.  She and I have always read one another pretty well.

She is as much a part of me as... my right arm.  And, let me just say that this week while she was gone... Well, my left arm got really tired.

Our week without her has been very full, with lovely weather, and a day-after-day routine.  All good.  But, when she arrives home, our home will go from "living color" to polka-dots-and plaid.  Not in a literal sense of course - but everything that was just "everyday normal" will get spiced up a whole lot -- just because of the enthusiasm that she brings to everything.

I can't wait.  I am SO ready for polka-dots-and-plaid.


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