Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Not Monday, TUESday!

Three-day weekends sort of mess with my head.  By the time Tuesday rolls around, I don't even know what day it is anymore.  But... we managed to get everyone out the door this morning with the right day's schedule in mind.  I reminded our daughter that she only has go go through this morning process 6 more days!!!

We enjoyed a wonderful, traditional weekend with all of my immediate family, and extended out-of-town family-friends as well.  Cornhole and Hillbilly Golf are always set up, but most of all, we sit on the deck at my parents home talking and munching.  Beside all of the munching... great meals, too!

We look forward to, and treasure the time together.  This year, the weather was wonderful -- even though rain was in the forecast.  We managed to get away with just wind and lots of falling seeds-and-such from the trees.

Back at our house, the Poppies opened -- sort of a Memorial Day weekend tradition, as well.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend with the ones you love.  Enjoy this shortened week!

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