Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On the Seventh Day...

Two days at the end of one week, and then five more the following week.  Seven days of school now under her belt, and my daughter came home with the dreaded germs.  ALREADY??  She might have squeaked by with just being worn out, but the football game sitting in a chilly mist and the high school youth group girls' overnight put her over the edge.  By Sunday evening, she was officially sick.  Just a cold really, but everything seems to hit her so mightily.

Yesterday, she came home and said all she could think about was getting in her jammies and going to bed.  She is remembering what we learned at the end of last school year, after a rough battle with germs.  Be good to yourself.  Listen to what your body is telling you.  It's okay to say "no" to things, to people, to all of the events that we think we have to participate in.  It's okay to be disappointed, and even to disappoint sometimes if it keeps you from "over-doing" it.

When my kids were young, I remember hearing a doctor say that the best way to heal our bodies is to get enough rest -- and in many cases, extra rest.  While you sleep, your body heals.

Sleep heals.

I have preached this to my children for as long as they have been able to understand words that come out of my mouth, so, you know... a long time.  However, as you parents also know, understanding and HEEDING are two very different animals.

My sweet daughter is officially heeding, and although I'd like to take all of the credit... it probably has more to do with how crummy she feels.  I hope that as we swing into a new season, new routines, and colder weather that you will be good to yourself and will listen to what your body is telling you!

Take time to take care.

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  1. When school goes in, our echinacea bottle comes out and stays out. We have never been so sick as with those schoolhouse germs. Ackkk...

    Glad that your daughter is heeding and taking time for rest. You're correct. Sleep is healing and teens need more than anybody! May she feel better very soon.


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