Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sunflowers & Sweet Tea

Blogging is an interesting hobby in that it's a really unique way to connect with people that you may never actually meet.  I have "met" some sweet, sweet girlfriends and we comment and/or e-mail random comments (or sometimes long conversations) back and forth to each other as if we've known one another all our lives.

Case in point?  Beki Hastings. If you don't already know her, she is the fabulous talent behind The Rusted Chain Jewelry!  And folks, she is the real deal.  She is genuine, sweet, and loves the Lord -- AND, I just found out about something AMAZING that she did.

She had a dream.  She wrote a book.  It's a photo-based coffee table book called Sunflowers & Sweet Tea, and I asked Beki if I could tell you about it.  It's a beautiful mix of Beki's photography and really thoughtful sentiments.  She gave me a sneak-peek, and I've got to tell you, I was blown away.  First of all, if you love mid-western, down-home kind of photography, Beki is your girl.  The photographs in the book are simple and beautiful.  Each photo has a sentiment displayed with it.  Some are brief, and others are longer, contemplative streams of thought shared from Beki's heart.

Beki says this: "You can turn to any page on any given day and get something from it.  It's meant to be slowly savored.  Pick it up when you need a smile."

I hope you'll check out Sunflowers & Sweet Tea by Beki Hastings.  Tell her Sally sent you!  Oh, and by the way... the first 100 books sold come with a beautiful sunflower necklace from The Rusted Chain.


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