Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pinterest Board: Candles & such

UPDATE: I thought I was brilliant in "embedding" pins into my blog post.  However, as I look back over old posts, I realize that eventually, these images seem to disappear.  So, for example, this post was full of pictures and now it is empty.  So sorry about that.  I will keep the links up, but I'm removing the photo "blanks."

I am a self-proclaimed candle-freak.  I love candles.  A lot.  I burn them all year round, though admittedly -- more often in the fall and winter.  Of course, the good-smelling ones are best.  Currently, my favorite is a vanilla-spice pillar-candle from Michael's. It's a delicious scent that's not overwhelming.  Of course, I can't remember the brand -- but it's the one w/ a few rounds of waxed twine neatly wrapped around it.  Yum.  [um, the scent of the candle, not the twine.]

So, you know when I started out on Pinterest, I had to have a board for candles -- and it fascinated me to see all of the great ways people set up a candle display.  We're talking some really creative stuff.

As I looked over my Pinterest board, I noticed a trend... candles in all sorts of "vessels" surrounded by.... well... let's take a look.  Turns out there are all kinds of things you can surround your candles with, none of which cost big bucks.

(You can see my take on this HERE.)


~Beans and Seeds~
(HERE is my version...)

~Coffee Beans~


~even Epsom Salts (or salt!)~

There's something for every season.
The options are endless, really.
What suggestions do you have?

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  1. Happy summer to you! We have only a month left before school starts, too!

    Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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